You will be well mannered and polite at all times when in my presence and in all correspondence. Address me as Mistress Kali or Mistress.

You will arrive on time. Not early and not late. Neither is not allowed unless I have been informed. This is to protect people’s privacy, including yours.

If you cannot keep an appointment I expect you to call and notify me as soon as possible. If you decide not to turn up and you do not notify me, I will not see you or speak to you again.

You will have the correct tribute balance upon arrival. Discounts are given at my discretion – if you ask for one you will be turned down.

There will be no sex of any kind during my sessions. If you earn it or I want you to do so for my amusement, I will allow you relief. This is something that is to be earned and not expected.

I also require you to be clean and presentable. When you session with me, I will always be immaculately turned out. I expect the same from you.  

Mistress Kali

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