Kali Inferno


Professional and Lifestyle Mistress.

Touring locations.

Welcome to the territory of dominatrix Kali Inferno.

The mystical dominatrix with her dark curls, green eyes her commanding stance is to be obeyed. Kali Inferno will look into your eyes and into your sole and you will be consumed by her dominating nature.

I am a British born domina that has been into kink and BDSM since my teens, I have modelled for photographers, and before becoming a domina on a professional basis I became a regular at fetish events and part of the BDSM lifestyle.

I revel in world of domination, role play and many fetishes and fantasies you and I can explore together. The place where you give me control and we go on a journey, one where your desire is to please the ultimate mistress and where your only desire is to serve me and become your true submissive self.

Have you ever wondered what life is about? It is a game, earth is a playground, we all have the same destination but life isn’t about that, it isn’t about getting somewhere, it is about enjoying here and now. So come and play my game, worship the highest Goddess Kali Inferno and explore your darkest desires. You will feel safe, find belonging, seduction, pain, humiliation and the most intense pleasure. It’s Showtime.

Review from my TV Slut:

Mistress, kali inferno,what can I say ? She is beautiful, certainly knows what she is doing, I have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of her whip, paddle, strapon, all of which I throughly enjoyed being thrashed, left me with a lovely hot bum, bruised and battered bottom, if you like to be tied up and abused by a beautiful mistress don’t miss out on kali inferno, thank you mistress, your slave .